Protect CLEAR Waters Pledge

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What is the CLEAR Pledge?

The pledge describes 10 simple things you can do to make a difference. Taking the pledge is simple:

  1. Read through each action and check off the actions you are already taking and new actions that you can commit to take. Check N/A for anything that does not apply to you.
  2. Fill out the basic contact information. (Optional)
  3. Click on the submit button at the end.

Take the CLEAR pledge now!

    1. Never dump anything down the storm drains or in ditches.

    2. Pick up after my pet.

    3. Check my car for leaking fluids and recycle your motor oil.

    4. Help protect the environment from litter and on occasion pick up what others have left behind.

    5. Use only fertilizers sparingly and sweep my driveway and sidewalk after application.

    6. Compost yard waste and sweep grass clippings out of street gutters after mowing.

    7. Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces and slow water down.

    8. Wash my car at a commercial car wash that is plumbed to a treatment plant instead of washing your car on a driveway or street.

    9. Use integrated pest management practices for controlling pests around your home.

    10. Vegetate bare spots in my yard and terrace slopes to minimize erosion.

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