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CLEAR is an acronym for the Cooperative for Local Environmental Awareness and Responsibility. Since that’s a mouthful, we go by the acronym CLEAR.

Behind the scenes of CLEAR are the people representing 16 stormwater management entities in and around Douglas County, Colorado. That’s us. We are the ones dedicated to creating a CLEAR message for stormwater quality and the important roles everyone plays in that effort.

Our CLEAR message is a simple one: it is to promote public awareness and understanding of stormwater quality issues in and around Douglas County with a unified message across all the jurisdictions that make up CLEAR’s membership.

It starts with awareness, which is why throughout this website there are resources about important events, FAQs about stormwater, important tips on what you can do to make a difference, and how to report accidental and illegal dumping to your local stormwater agency. And if you’re one of those people that already understands the importance of our message, you can take the CLEAR Pledge:

Take the CLEAR pledge NOW!

Together with your help we can make a difference in keeping our waterways clean. Remember, One Thing is Clear, the water quality of our creeks, rivers and lakes depend on everyone’s help.

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